Typical Handgun Shooting Challenges

Practice makes perfect, or at least you hope so. Some people think they can just pick up a gun and they will hit the bullseye every time. Then they find out this is not true. So knowing what your problem areas are will help you to learn how to correct them. Acquiring skills demands a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control are most crucial to handgun precision. Sight alignment is the connection between the handgun’s front and rear sight. Sight picture is just a matter of superimposing the aligned sights onto the proposed target. Trigger control pertains to the depression of the trigger to the rear until the shot breaks. Check out the videos below for some tips on these common issues.

How To Adjust Sights on a Hand Gun (Original video was taken down, here's another one):

Attaining Correct Sight Picture Using Handguns:

Trigger Control:

I hope these videos helped you out and next time you go to the shooting range it will be a awesome experience! So keep shooting and keep getting better.

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