9mm Ammunition 115 Grain RN

Remanufactured 9mm Ammunition

  • 115 Grain
  • Round Nose
  • Mixed Head Stamps
  • Professional Factory Reloads


(excluding bulk or combination orders)


All 9mmNow only 5-7 days to ship!

All other ammunition:  Approximately 4-6 weeks to ship.

Featured Products

Battle Pack

  • 200 rounds of .223/5.56 caliber OTM 77 grain HPBT
  • 300 rounds of Hybrid hollow point 9mm 124 Grain JHP

Range Practice Pack

  • 300 Rounds – 9mm 115 Grain RN 
  • 200 Rounds – .223 55 Grain FMJ-BT 

"Loading and reloading ammunition have no room for error. We understand that here at Lakeshore Ammunition."

Because every round matters…

All of our reloaded brass is cleaned thoroughly,

Every single round is visually inspected, not once, but twice by professionals,

And all of our ammo is polished before packaging for a good presentation.

We set ourselves to higher standards than most.

We know that failure is not an option when protecting yourself or your precious loved ones, so we intend on providing you with the best reloaded ammunition in the West.

There is no comprise to quality ammunition and we hold ourselves to the highest quality possible when it comes to manufacturing ammunition.  We reload a multitude of calibers:

·         Once fired brass made into ammunition

·         .223-5.56 FMJ-BT 55 Grain

·         9mm RN (Round Nose) 115 Grain/124

·         40 caliber 180 grain FN (Flat Nose)   

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