The Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle

The 10/22 has always been a great gun for beginners.  Tough and reliable it lets shooters accurately shoot round for round of affordable ammo and became a favorite among all beginners. I know when I was growing up in AZ, I would always carry my 10/22 every where I went, and shot a few rattle snakes while I was out and about in the desert. It’s pretty much been the same rifle since I was a kid in the 70’s. But now, their is a new gun in town, the 10/22 Takedown. This rifle was made for the person who wants to be able to carry it when they are transporting it, or maybe when they go hiking.

Their are two variations of this rifle, one is the type of steel the barrel is made from. Alloy or stainless and the other is the muzzle choice. You can get it standard or threaded with a flash suppressor. And a couple different stock colors.

ruger 10/22 takedown rifle

The stock of the Takedown is, in my point of view, is an enormous improvement in materials and design over the boring 10/22 wood carbine stock that’s been around basically untouched since it initially appeared in 1964. The synthetic molding process allows the manufacturer to create a more polished and detailed product compared to the labor-intensive, heavy, unstable, and non-uniform features of wood.

At the center of a Takedown 10/22 is its capability to swiftly, effortlessly, and without risk come apart without tools. Followed by the capability to quickly, effortlessly, reassemble the Long Rifle for Survival and properly into a totally functioning rifle.

Cleaning a standard 10/22 must not have been a main concern provided the rifle’s layout. As anyone with a Ruger Ultimate Survival Rifle Mark II or III.22 auto pistol understands, the guns by no means were designed for regular cleaning or breakdown. The Takedown, on the other hand, allows you easy access without going through a 19-inch long tube in order to remove all the grit and lead left behind from a few hundred rounds. 

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