Know Why You Are Buying a Gun

Thinking about buying a gun? Awesome! But there is more to buying a firearm then just going down to the store and picking one out. The main thing is to be a responsible gun owner, and to be that you should think about a few things before you go and buy a gun.

Storing Your Gun

I think this is one of the most important thing in being a gun owner. And that is where and how are you going to store your gun. Especially if you have kids in the house, whether part time or all the time, it is crucial you store the gun where kids cannot get it. Not only do you have to worry about keeping it out of reach of children, but you also have to make sure no other person without firearm experience can get a hold of it too.


Personal Safety

Just because you own a gun doesn’t mean that the bad guys will stay out of your house. Fire arms are not the answer to self protection and home security if you don’t know how to use it. You’ll just be endangering yourself and others around you if you do not know how to handle the gun. It’s a effective tool if you know how to use it. So make sure you get some training in before you purchase a gun. It also helps to just go to the shooting range and rent different guns and shoot them all until you find the one you are the most comfortable with and can handle.

Why Do You Need It?

Some people just buy a gun for the hell of it. I’ve done it before because I just love collecting guns and shooting them. It’s not a bad thing, just think about why you want or need one and for what reasons. Then purchase a gun that is going to suit your needs.  If your going to carry it concealed then look for a more compact gun to carry, unless it’s just going to sit in your dresser next to your bed.

The Expense

Being a gun enthusiast is an expensive hobby. Guns are expensive, right along with the ammo.  Then if you can’t just go out to the woods or desert to go shoot, then you have to pay for the shooting range fees. Needless to say there are alternatives for a shooter on a budget, but if you don’t have a bunch of money to drop on ammo, then maybe you shouldn’t get a. 45. Purchasing a gun can be compared with buying a car. There is the preliminary investment, but there will constantly be a need to spend some more cash. You will want to upgrade a part, a part will break, you have to do maintenance, and most importantly, you have to supply it with ammo. Ammo for a gun is like gas for a car, you will constantly have to buy more of it. Then there’s the secondary costs that you might not think about, like a gun safe, training, accessories, range gear, and anything else you may want.



Learning the Laws

Learn about gun laws on a federal, state, and local level. You are granted the right to keep and bear arms by the 2nd Amendment on a federal level, but each and every state is different in how they control guns. Double check your laws before you do something like buy a gun off craigslist, open carry, or use for home protection.Know the details of you owning a gun in your state, both concealed, open, as well as in your home. Also make certain to know your rights.

So, if you are still planning on buying a gun, go for it! Have fun, but be safe and know your rights and safety procedures.

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