Hunting Desert Bighorn Sheep

Nevada provides several different kinds of bighorn sheep hunts. Nevada is 87 % public lands, so easy access to big game animals is never a problem. Nevada sheep tags can be acquired through the draw system, with the general draw being held in April. Tags are given on a very limited basis and generally require several bonus points to be drawn.

bighorn sheep


The most conspicuous feature of the Desert Bighorn sheep is the large brown horns that continue to grow. Both rams (males) and ewes (females) have horns, though the horns of rams are much bigger and more curved. Each horn is in a “c” shape known as a “curl”. The horns are permanent and consist of a sheath of keratin (a hard protein found in fingernails and hair) covering a boney core.


Typical Desert Bighorn terrain is rough, rocky and steep, broken up by canyons and washes. This type of terrain affords them the advantage in coping with predation. Desert Bighorns live in regions of the state marked by hot summers and little annual precipitation. Bighorn sheep require access to freestanding water during summer months, and in drought conditions they may water throughout the year.

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