G43 Single Stack 9MM

The Glock 43 is a new single stack subcompact slimline 9mm pistol developed to suit every lifestyle. It’s ultra-concealable, accurate, and ideal for all shooters, despite hand size. The G43 is the answer to your day-to-day concealed carry needs. Whether you want it for fun at the shooting range or you need it for protection, this gun is great.



The long-awaited semi-automatic falls between the long-established double-stack 9 mm G26 “Baby Glock” and the recently introduced single-stack .380 ACP-caliber G42. We got an early look at the G43 and even got to handle and shoot it next to a G26 and G42. And the G43 revealed itself to be …

… a Glock. It handled well, the controls were familiar and it went bang every time we pulled the trigger.

There has been considerable demand for this gun, given Glock’s loyal customer base and the arrival of several competing brands into the market niche for flat subcompacts in 9 mm. This is primarily due to both the burgeoning concealed-carry market and the re-ascendancy of the 9 mm, thanks to high-performance bullet designs from major ammunition manufacturers. Despite the presence of numerous other makes in the market segment, the Smyrna, GA-made G43 has consumers eagerly waiting for it.

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