4 Examples of Common Mistakes While Carrying Concealed

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t correct them. So, instead of learning from trial and error, learn before you make a huge mistake that could hurt someone or yourself. Even those with years of experience can make them, but a lot of times it’s the new to carrying concealed.


Exposing parts of your gun on accident because you wore clothing that did not conceal it very well. Or allowing your gun to push up against your clothing and you can see the outline of it. When you initially start carrying, normally you’re so worried about your gun displaying in public you’ll do just about anything and everything to make certain it never happens. Just take that extra few seconds to check and make sure your gun is not easily exposed or seen through your clothes.  If your gun is exposed and the person who calls in the 911 call will not wait to see if you are good or bad. They’re freaking out and want to nip the situation in the butt before anything does occur. Then half the police force is bearing down on you and the situation could turn bad and boom, they shoot you. Take time to make sure your gun is concealed well.

Checking the Gun

A bad habit a lot of gun owners have and that is checking to ensure your gun is still in your holster. Don’t worry, if you bought the right holster your gun will still be there. If you notice yourself doing this, then STOP! Suppress the urge to touch it. Again, people will see you have a gun a will most likely call the police.

Not being aware of firearm laws                                                                                  common mistakes carrying a concealed weapon

When you decided to carry a concealed weapon, it was your obligation to know all the laws that could effect you. No matter if local, state, or federal. Every state and area is different. Learn what the precise law says for each place you end up in. Recognize if you’re in a stand your ground or a duty to retreat state. Know where you’re allowed to carry and where you’re not. These laws are usually very simple to find with a fast Google search so you have absolutely no reason not to know.


The majority of the people who carry are incredibly responsible and have a attitude that they will do everything in their power to avoid conflict, but if violence comes their way the then they’re ready to protect themselves and their family. Some people have a escalation mindset where they will go out of their way to look for conflict or shady people.

Each day go out there  as a considerate and responsible individual just going about your everyday business and you very likely will never need to use your gun in a self-defense situation. Should the straight out worst happen, you and the police will realize you had no control in bringing the scenario upon your own self. Don’t leave any room for doubt.

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