Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock

Most of us know Mosin-Nagants are inexpensive and powerful. They’re also fairly unsightly, not extremely pleasant, and only hold five rounds. ProMag’s new Archangel stock can remedy those issues and turn your battered old rifle into a fancy M44 scout rifle or 91/30 sniper rifle.

Removable magazines go a long way to resolving the Mosin’s firepower problems, and extra 5- and 10-round mags are offered. If your Mosin shoots most effective with a corked barrel, the Archangel stock even has a barrel tension screw to keep it happy.

There will be many who question the wisdom of putting a $200 stock on what was originally a $90 rifle, but if a stock like this works as advertised, it could breathe new utility into some lonely old rifles.

Once you get over the initial enjoyment factor, you’ll most likely start taking a look at upgrades for the rifle. Upgrading a Mosin Nagant is an amazingly fun undertaking that nets a gun that can hunt any North American large game easily out to 300 yards and further.

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