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Premium components are used by Lakeshore Ammunition to produce ammunition that is accurate and fires consistently. We inspect our ammunition throughout the production process and take reasonable care in ensuring the safety if its use.

The use of firearms is inherently dangerous. The user assumes all risk. Lakeshore Ammunition makes no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the use of our products. All ammo sales are final.  We do not offer refunds on ammunition.

Our ammunition is manufactured for use in firearms designed to chamber the rounds used and should be adequately cleaned, lubricated, and in good working condition. Shooters should wear eye and ear protection and observe all safety standards regarding the use of firearms. Training in the use of firearms by qualified instructors is the responsibility of the user. Keep firearms out of the reach of children!

It is the responsibility of the customer to know the laws and regulations of the state or states to which the product is being shipped before making a purchase. The customer, not Lakeshore Ammunition, is fully responsible for all illegal purchases and/or deliveries.


Buyers of ammunition must be at least 21 years of age, have never been convicted of a felony or have been found by legal authorities to have a mental condition that precludes them from purchasing a firearm or ammunition, or been confined to a mental institution. Do not make a purchase on this website if you do not comply with these conditions or other conditions that legally preclude you from purchasing our products. Any cancellations due to age or other legal restrictions will be assessed a cancellation fee of 25% of the purchase price.

  • Purchaser agrees to arbitration in Lakeshore Ammunition’s home district to settle any legal claims regarding disputes concerning purchases from this website.
  • Shipping is nonrefundable and all delivery refusals or cancellations will be charged a 25% cancellation fee plus any return carrier fees.
  • Credit Cards are billed when the order is placed.
  • Once an order is delivered, it cannot be returned.
  • All ammo sales are final.  We do not offer refunds on ammunition.

Shipping Restrictions:

We cannot ship to individuals in Alaska or Hawaii due to restrictions regarding air carriers. We do not ship to Massachusetts, Washington D.C., or Cook County, IL.( Others in Illinois must provide their Firearm Owners ID).

New York residents must have their order shipped to a dealer possessing a Federal Firearms license. We do not ship to Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Oakland. This list may expand with time, so Californians need to be aware of their local ordinances.

California restrictions require orders to be shipped to a dealer with a Federal Firearms License or a licensed ammunition dealer. Magazines sold are limited to a ten round capacity.