LSA Zombie .223/5.56 Ammunition 160 Grain V-MAX

LSA Zombie .223/5.56 Ammunition 160 Grain V-MAX

  • 20 Rounds Remanufactured: $17.70
  • 100 Rounds Remanufactured: $59.00

Choice of Brand New or Remanufactured .223 Ammunition

60 Grain
Hornady V-MAX
Professional Factory Loads

Hornady SST, V-MAX, A-MAX and HPBT projectiles. These projectiles are backed up by midrange powder charges that deliver the kind of lethality you’d expect in a post Zombie Apocalyptic World. This ammunition will deliver bone crushing and head splattering results to any zombie within range. These rapid expansion rounds are all you will need to defend your friends, family, and community. Manufactured .223/5.56 specifically designed to annihilate Zombies.


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