Is lead ammo affecting people who consume the animals they shoot? Where is the hard core proof saying that it does? There has been no study to prove it. So this ban will affect a lot of individuals who hunt. The cost of using a green bullet may not be affordable for everyone. It’s not only expensive, but it is hard to find.


California hunters have an unexpected hurdle to jump for the 2015 season: non-lead ammunition. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) announced in large block letters on page nine of the 2015 Big Game Digest that non-lead ammunition will be required for all hunting on DFW property and for all bighorn sheep hunters beginning this year.

california bans lead ammo for 2015 seasonThis may come as a shock to those who thought they had until 2019 to phase out lead bullets from their arsenal.

When Governor Jerry Brown signed the lead ammo ban in 2013, it was anticipated that regulations could be in effect as early as 2015 though language in the ban said that officials had until 2019 to phase in the approved measure. While supporters of the ban are happy, early adoption of this ban could negatively impact hunting within the state and cause a major decline in hunter recruitment for future generations.



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