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9mm Ammunition 115 Grain RN


Lakeshore ammunition sells high quality new and remanufactured ammunition. Carson City, NV. Specializing in 223 and 9mm. Custom 308 and 5.56.

Bulk Ammunition

LSA Zombie Ammunition

Primed Factory New Brass

Because every round matters…

“Loading and reloading ammunition have no room for error. We understand that here at Lakeshore Ammunition.”

All of our reloaded brass is cleaned thoroughly,
Every single round is visually inspected, not once, but twice by professionals,
And all of our ammo is polished before packaging for a good presentation.
We set ourselves to higher standards than most.

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Please note that our system is set up to charge your card when you place your order. Please do not make any orders if you do not wish to be charged at the time of purchase. We will also not be accepting any returns until further notice due to some customers reselling our ammunition for a higher price. Be sure that you really want the product before ordering because we cannot take them back if you are unable to sell them.

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This special Battle Pack from Lakeshore Ammunition holds 500 rounds of ammunition and two magazines.

  • 200 rounds of .223/5.56 caliber OTM 77 grain HPBT
  • 300 rounds of Hybrid hollow point 9mm 124 Grain JHP


Packaged for your convenience!

300 Rounds – 9mm 115 Grain RN

200 Rounds – .223 55 Grain FMJ-BT

This Range Practice Pack is a practical choice for shooters who demand highly reliable ammunition that delivers excellent accuracy at an affordable bulk price. The convenience of AR and pistol ammo in one box makes it that much easier to get your gear ready! The Range Practice Pack provides shooters with full-power, reliable-feeding ammo at a value price. Please note these are reloaded brass casings.

This Range Practice Pack is the quintessential package for a fun day at the range.

Reloading Components

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All Unprimed Once Fired Indoor Range Brass – 1000 Rounds


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